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Poems of a Different Kind

    ***************************************         ****************************** **********   I'm a member of the Dark Poets Club   Dark Poets Club     *****************************************     *****************************************   ******************************************** He is our God He is God in heaven above and on the earth below. God of all the kingdoms of the earth. God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is God of all the living and God of all the spirits of flesh. God of glory and God of mercy and peace. He is the Living and True God, who alone is wise; the Faithful One. The Everlasting Great and Awesome God. He is Jesus, our Great God and Savior. He is the image of the invisible God, And the One who built all things.

Teaser for "Giants will Come"

  Giants will come (tentative title) The Beginning of All Things   Before the creation of all things, long before anything came into being, there was the Aether. The Aether permeated throughout when there was nothing. Only the Aether existed before the beginning. Out of the Aether, The Source of Consciousness and All Things emerged. He subsisted everywhere, like the Aether He originated from. After a time, The Source became lonely. Above all else, He hoped for a Companion to be His equal in all things, and hope became part of the Aether. Out of the Aether came His companion, as He hoped. She embodied His equal in all things, but She remained opposite, and He loved Her. She named Him, 'Suneidesis', and He named Her, 'Dianoia'. From Suneidesis and Dianoia the Four Elemental Spirits, their children, arose. The Salamander, The Undine, The Gnome and The Slyph came to be. The Four Elements of the Aether- Fire, Water, Earth and Air, that which make up all things, resulted from

My other articles on B.C.

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Dark Tales of Fantasy

Dark Tales of Fantasy ****************************************** Dark Tales of Fantasy   In the end,  when Evil Things happen to Good People,   there never is a happy ending.   Five stories (novellas) of classic fantasy with a touch of horror from debut author Wayne C. Hannis. Myth and magic collide in these five tales of tragedy, when Evil Things happen to good people. Like Oril Ahern, Regent of the Kingdom of Tasmorea. All he wants is to hand the throne to his nephew. Prince Coel Ahern, heir to the Northern Throne, believes it is his "To Rule by Right" now that he has come of age. And Niall Emayn, a black smith who just wants to live his life with his family, until a stranger appears and hires him to forge a sword. Niall will soon learn how "The Sword cuts deep". Because in the end, when Evil Things happen to Good People, there never is a happy ending. Including: To Rule by Right True Love Lost Forever A Man Caught in Time The Sword Cuts Deep   A Contract